Welcome from the President!


Soon we will embark on the adventure of a lifetime in Trondheim and Røros. It is an occasion for all of us to discover more - about ourselves, about those around us and about our host country, Norway. Important to the latter are Sami people, the indigenous population of the region.  There is much we can learn from their traditions and their focus on learning through experience. The Sami have a unique concept of time and

according to their calendar, Dálvvie has just ended.


Dálvvie - Season of caring: ‘’Under millions of sparkling snow crystals, nature rests as she tends her delicate work as the world slows down. (...) The sun has retreated back to the northern firmament, spreading its hope, light and comforting rays, causing the snowflakes to glisten in appreciation.’’ (Åsa Simma)


Almost 300 individual paths, from different corners of the continent, carrying different stories and dreams, are converging at the 84th International Session of EYP in Trondheim & Røros in April. I trust that you travel this road full of hope, curiosity and excitement.


Thirteen years ago, I was heading on a similar path to my first International Session. I knew very little about what it meant, what would happen and why I was doing it. I felt nervous, anxious and excited, all combined. To add to your excitement and ease your nerves, here’s a bit of what awaits:


The organisers, chairpersons and media team - we are all committed to ensuring you have a fun, full of life, and memorable session. We are working on ensuring the atmosphere is honest, open, light-hearted, and stress-free. We strive to provide you with a meaningful collaborative learning experience.





Adelaide Di Maggio (PL)

Armine Khamoyan (AM)

Daniels Griņevičs (LV)

Giedre Birmontaitė (LT)

Halyna Virt (UA)

Jacopo Moretti (IT)



Juho Nikko (FI)

Juuli Salonen (FI)

Lara Niamh Eckert Reinefelde (CH)

Maria Köpping (AT)

Markos Merkouris (HU)

Tom Cantillion (UK)



Maria Manolescu (RO)


Vice Presidents

Fahad Saher (NL)

Alastair Payne (UK)

Alexander Proctor (FI)



Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos (GR)


Media team members

Joana Gordinho (PT)

Maša Memedović (RS)

Lukas Ischlstöger (AT)

Yulia Nagirniak (UA)

Solène Hababou (CH)




Anne Marit Selbekk (NO)

Anniken KatrineKnutsen (NO)

Aslak Veierud Busch (NO)

Camilla Hatling (NO)

Christiane Kahrs (NO)

Conrad Bali (NO)

Dunja Arsenovic (NO)

Elias Hidoussi (NO)

Endre Haugland (NO)

Frida Konstad (NO)

Helene Gråbø (NO)

Henry Grindheim Hogstad (NO)

Iako Tsomaia (GE)

Ine Møllegaard (NO)



Ivana Madejová (CZ)

Johan Martin Emberland Johnsen (NO)

Johannes Vincent Meo (NO)

Jostein Sletten (NO)

Katrín María Timonen (IS)

Lars Kjelsberg (NO)

Lars Kristian Selbekk (NO)

Lilly Spieglová (CZ)

Liv Marie Rønhovde (NO)

Magnus Berg Sletfjerding (NO)

Maria Hussain (NO)

Marit Huseby (NO)

Mikkel Angelo Anchissi Joner (NO)

Mina Alexandra Thor (NO)


Nina Selmer (NO)

Sara Gulbjørnrud Huseby (NO)

Sara Ísey Guðjónsdóttir (IS)

Sarah Kristin Geisler (NO)

Sigbjørn Hansen Kahrs (NO)

Sunniva Risan (NO)

Thea Brende Christensen (NO)

Torbjørn Reitan Fyrvik (NO)

Salome Bladadze (GE)

Viljar Kjeilen (NO)

Yonathan Bisrat Taye (NO)