The Sami people is a indigenous people divided between the four countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Throughout history the Sami people have been the victim of assimilation and discrimination. Norway was no exception, and they were forced to leave their culture, religion and language, almost destroying their cultural heritage for future generations.


Luckily, the society took a turn. The Sami parliament was established in 1989, with the objective of self-governance of Sami development an preservation of cultural heritage. Unfortunately the Sami people still need to endure racism and discrimination in daily life, and Norwegian society is still not organised in a way that ensures Sami people the right to develop within their culture and history. Many similarities can be drawn to other indigenous people of the world.


As an aspect of the programme we want to include a Sami-aspect to both the cultural and educational programme of Trondheim&Røros 2017.We want to ensure the quality and diversity of the programme with a cooperation with Tråante 2017.


Tråante 2017 is a joint celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Sami people’s first national congress held in Trondheim, 6th to 9th February 1917. The anniversary will be open and inclusive for all Sami as one people in four countries. Tråante 2017 will highlight and convey knowledge about the Sami, Sami language, culture and history in a 100-year perspective. The anniversary shall contribute to participation in and commitment to democratic development.