Frida is ”the potato” of EYP Norway. She attended her first International Forum in Hamburg 2008, as a delegate. Ever since she has shown a great interest in regional development. She has been in charge of the local branch of EYP Trondheim, with great enthusiasm and positivity. With one-day sessions, Regional Sessions and social meetings the local branch has grown to be a viable and energetic platform. Frida always enjoys being part of the organising team, but has also taken on the challenges of other positions when officials have been unable to attend. Respectively as Editor in Trondheim NSC in 2011 and Head Organiser in Lillehammer NSC in 2014. Frida represented EYP Norway at the office for a weekend of updates on Understanding Europe. Like the potato, she can be used for everything and everywhere.


Frida is working as a teacher in English and social science.

Lars Kristian is a never-ending story of EYP Norway. He attended the International Session of Bari 2005, as a delegate. Lars was elected into the EYPNAA (European Youth Parliament Norway Alumni Association) in 2007 and has furthermore been President of EYPNAA. He held the position as President of EYP Norway in 2015. Lars has attended BNC-meetings for several years and acted as a member of the Training and Alumni Development Council. Lars Kristian head organised Trondheim NSC in 2011, and has supervised the NSC of 2012 and 2013. He has also been an organiser at both the IS in Tromsø and in Lillehammer. There is no doubt that his efforts during these years have been crucial for EYP Norway.





Lars finished his masters degree in biology in 2014.

Marit is the cheerful and smiling Mama of EYP Norway. She attended her first International Forum in Hamburg 2008, as a delegate. Marit was elected into the EYPNAA in 2011 and has furthermore been President of EYPNAA. She is the current President of EYP Norway. Marit head organised Oslo NSC in 2012, and was supposed to supervise the NSC of 2014. As the Head Organiser was unable to attend, Marit and Frida executed the plans as stand in Head Organisers for Lillehammer 2014. They took on the challenge with short notice, and no one would have guessed they had not planned the details themselves. Marit was also an organiser at the IS in Lillehammer. With her great smile and bubbly personality she makes every session special.




Marit studies medicine at the University of Tromsø.

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