21st - 29th of April




















Arrival of participants. Welcome in lavvo next to Røros Hotel with food


Teambuilding and Eurovillage


Committee Work


Departure for Trondheim. Committee Work


Committee Work


Day off with sightseeing. Euroconcert


Opening of the General Assembly


General Assembly. Closing of the conference and Farewell party




A conference of this kind always begins with some intensive teambuilding. The participants in each committee are all from different countries and for now strangers to each other. Lead by the committee chair, the committee goes through “games” designed for getting to know each other from basics like name and background, to the way each and every one behaves in a group and solve problems. They start off easy with name games and sharing information through play, and during the days the games increase in difficulty level to problem solving, such as getting everyone through a large “spiders web”. In these situations some stand out as leaders, others as observers and some as action-takers. The committee chair uses the information gained, and brings this to the next part of the programme.

Oleksii Prylipka

Oleksii Prylipka


During this part of the programme is where the participants sits down and bring forward all what they have prepared. Each committee has been given a topic, which lays down a real life situation or problem in Europe. The committee is being chaired by an experienced volunteer, to make sure they reach the goal of producing a motion for a resolution by the end of the three days of intense work. With a mix of 16 individuals with 16 different nationalities, it is never clear beforehand in which direction the discussion will head. As the goal is a good resolution which the whole committee can stand behind, it becomes a place of debate and compromise, and not a place of political agenda and “wins and losses”.


The grand finale of several days of hard work and solving complex political problems for an entire continent. The General Assembly is the arena for debate between the committees. Each committee presents their resolution to the entire European Youth Parliament, who debates the motion, before taking a vote. The entire debate is filled with heart-felt speeches and critical questions, while being moderated by an experienced board. The General Assembly gives the opportunity to comment on other topics that is of interest, and it shows the massive amount of preparation that has been conducted beforehand.

Leo Kaindl


An event that showcase the vide specter of food and traditions throughout Europe. Each country delegation is given a table where they present food, clothing and information about their homes. It is a large mix of a European food festival and a tourist convention for European travels. The participants and guests go around tasting food and discuss traditional costumes. The Eurovillage will take place in Falkbergetsalen at Røros on April the 22nd.


A small scale Eurovision. The event is an evening with a concert, where the participants themselves perform. It is a high standard event with performances such as traditional, or contemporary songs, dances and instrumental music. It is a great opportunity to see  a wider scope of the traditional Europa and the modern cultural life of young Europeans. We plan to make the event an open one, so that participation from the general public is possible.

Olena Yermakova

Janne Vanhemmens